MERCY – Cast Members


Logan Mainil

Finn is a soft spoken farm boy who chooses his words carefully, but has a quiet intensity about him. After hitting a deer with his truck, Finn chooses to put it out of its misery only to be slapped with a hefty fine that he cannot pay (for shooting a deer out of hunting season and for firing a weapon in a Provincial Park), and lands himself in jail. Here he meets Officer Brocke and several diverse inmates that will ultimately change his life forever.


Bryan Englund

M has an intense air about him. Although not considered big for his size, he is in good shape and relatively fit, but this alone does not keep problematic inmates at bay, rather it is something deep inside that only surfaces when it needs to. Becoming over-protective of his new interest ‘Finn’, causes an uncertainty between the two that gradually gets out of hand.


Josh Strait

Officer Brocke is Finn’s cell block operating officer. He acquires an unspoken connection with Finn that creates a fatherly disposition that is meant to be an authorative way to help guide Finn in the right direction.


Matthew Wilson

A bit of a character, Paul’s incarceration is drug related and although he has only been in jail for not even a year, he likes to give Finn advice on how things should be done around there.


Dawn Bird

Kiki is a prison program counsellor. Generally patient and naturally kind, she sympathizes with Finn’s displacement and much like Officer Brocke’s fatherly disposition, she takes on a similar role as more of a counselling parent, rather than just a paid advisor.


George Grassick

Henry has been locked up a long time. You can see the emotion has been drained from his eyes. Although his time is spent, he tries to hold on to whatever hope is left within by passing on his love for the written word by holding weekly writing classes for anyone whose interested. Much to his satisfaction, Finn and M become two of his regular attendees.


Duane Leicht

Warden Ginobli has an air of superiority due to ego and necessity alike. No tolerance for new inmates who make stupid mistakes, he shows very little concern when Finn lands in his office.


Jason Truong

Miguel likes controversy, so is constantly trying to stir things up. Much like Paul…Miguel, despite his wayward ways, offers up a bit of comic relief.


Micaele Johnson

Laura, Finn’s fiancee, comes from an upper-class family with high expectations. Focussing more on what her family and friends think about what she considers to be Finn’s careless action, Laura loses site of her future with Finn and turns her affections elsewhere.


Trevor Aikman

(speaks for itself)


Shawn Koch

Tony spends most his days ruling the roost where inmates leave him be. Serving time for murder and not expecting to get out in the near future, he spies up Finn (being the unsuspecting new guy) in hopes of having a little fun to pass the time only to be met with defiance which leads to severe consequences.


Ron Anderson

Finn’s father is wheelchair bound and suffering from an unnamed illness. Harshly raising Finn under constant criticism, he ends up disowning Finn due to the devastation he feels, thinking that Finn ending up in prison will leave him to die on his own with noone to look after him or take care of things after he passes.


Darren Zimmer

The Admitting Officer has been working at this prison for over a decade and has become so accustomed to the same routine day in and day out, he shows little regard for the job at hand.


Bongani Musa

Sacha, an inmate just doing his time offends Miguel in a counselling session.


Omari Wilson

The Cafeteria Guard despite his small stature has an uncanny ability to make inmates feel uncomfortable and proves his tenacity when taking Finn down to the ground.


Geri Hack

Finn’s Aunt is the one who will ultimately care for Finn’s Father in Finn’s absence, thus bringing Finn’s father to see Finn one last time to say his goodbye’s in the most unfatherly way.


Ryland Alexander

The Visiting Room Guard is a prison guard assigned to the visiting room, who has only been working at the prison for a few years.


Shaun Salen

The Segregation Guard is a pompous guard assigned to the segregation cells who doesn’t care too much for Finn.


Jason Bryant

The Night Officer has only ever manned the overnight desk and prefers to stay put while barking out shot threats to keep the inmates quiet.


Angus Vincent

John is an inmate who decides to call Finn out on a rumour.


Devon Oman

Terry is another prison inmate who equally decides to call Finn out on a rumor.


Joey Reynolds

The First Nation’s Man is the metaphorical key. A representative that continues to appear in Finn’s dreams shows Finn symbolic messages that are meant to lead him to his destiny. The connection between the death of the deer and Finn’s relationship with M is relayed during the First Nation’s grand song and dance.


Earl Stevenson



Barry Bzdel

George just sleeps.


Daniel Ford Beavis

The Shower Inmate, an ex-boxer, helps Tony do his dirty work whenever Tony sees it fit to do so.