A Film by DBD Productions



A headstrong, farmboy wants to get back what he loses when he unexpectantly lands in prison, only to discover what’s on the outside…isn’t what he wants at all.


Finn is sent to prison for a crime of mercy. Inside the prison, Finn meets M, a young, charismatic prisoner and the two form an immediate bond.

This restricted life grows complicated when Finn meets Tony, a violent, dangerous prisoner who, after a physical altercation between the two, becomes hellbent on taking what little freedom Finn still has.

Over the next few months, Finn will confront past traumas, reexamine his personal beliefs and attempt to decode his feelings towards M as well as reflecting on his personal struggle with faith.

Meanwhile, we follow Finn through endless prairies and deserted towns in flashbacks and dream sequences as he desperately tries to find the secret to his self revelations and attempts to come to grips with his spirituality and his physical imprisonment.

These contrasts between prison walls and open fields and eternal skies will punctuate Finn’s mental state throughout the film and culminate in a grand Indigenous song and dance sequence planting a seed of uncertainty in Finn, leaving the audience to question their own beliefs as well as what it would take to change them.